About Designer

Katerina Bati

grew up in her seamstress mother’s atelier before enrolling at the Pansik Fashion School in Athens.

She also gained her degree at Archi Drama School in Athens.

Growing up in an environment dominated by fashion and fabrics and with her personal artistic concerns, she decided to create her own clothing collection inspired by arts, nature and people.

Through her creations, she wants to highlight femininity, elegance chic and the uniqueness of the contemporary woman.

 “I remember myself as a kid observing the details in people, in photos, in a statue, in the sky... Everything around us is details… Everything around us is art!

I want my designs to be special. I want every woman to feel very beautiful wearing them. That’s why I use high quality fabrics and why every garment is made with lots of love, care, and the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Finally, the ecological crisis is a very important issue, so in an attempt to minimize any undesirable environmental effect, all my collections are limited edition.

A special goal for the upcoming collections is to use fabrics that are completely environment-friendly.”


Special Thank you for their support and love: Vaso Katsiouli, Penny Danochristou, George Kostis, Stavroula Tsimpri, Georgia Giannopoulou,Ismini Kalergi.